Sliding Window Installation

A sliding window is practical and affordable. Also known as horizontal windows, they are perfect for any building or home improvement project. Similar to a double hung window except that they slide open horizontally instead of vertically. Perfect for home and commercial, sliding windows have fewer moving parts and require minimal maintenance.

sliding window installation

Sliding Window Benefits

sliding window installationOne of the many benefits of sliding windows is that they require no springs or pulleys to operate. Only the window slider occasionally needs lubrication which makes it a very low maintenance window.

Sliding windows are user-friendly, simply release the latch and slide it open. Closing is just as easy and will automatically latch in place once the window is sealed shut.

Sliding windows can be fitted with a wide range of glazing, safety glass, Low-E glass, and double glazings. Flyscreens are easily fitted if you want to keep bugs out.

sliding window installation kitchenInstalling a sliding window with Low-E glass or double glazing can significantly improve energy efficiency by reducing your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

Todays sliding windows are cheaper, economical, and cost-effective when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Once you install a sliding window, repairs become a thing of the past.

Energy Saving Windows Properties

Energy saving windows are a great investment for any homeowner. They are the last piece of the puzzle that will save you the high utility bills resulting from heat loss in the winter and massive heat gain in the summer.

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Are your walls and roof already well insulated? Choosing the right energy-efficient windows creates a complete cocoon. This will insulate you from nature’s fluctuating temperatures. This helps keep your home cozier without having to push the AC too hard.

What Makes Energy Saving Windows Different?

An energy efficient window is built differently with insulation and UV light reflection in mind.

energy saving windows panesThe idea is to keep the harmful heating effect of direct sunlight out during the summer. Basically, creating a perfect insulator between the interior and exterior of the house.

The Overall Ratings

Construction addresses issues like whether the window uses double pane technology and what energy efficiency ratings it can achieve. Some of the most common ratings include:

  • U-factor: Determines how well the window conducts heat flow
  • Solar heat gain coefficient: Determines how much solar radiation is transmitted or absorbed by the window and converted to direct heat
  • Air leakage score: Determines how much air can leak through the window when it is bolted shut
  • Window glazing: ability to reflect as much direct solar radiation as possible

energy saving windows tint film

These ratings form the basis of an energy efficient window. They are a perfect guideline to what you should expect from an energy saving window. Always consider these ratings. Manufacturers sell insulated windows with this solid approach.

The Glass Technology

The glass pane forms the bulk of the window. It makes perfect sense that the kind of glass used in an energy saving window immensely contributes to its efficiency rating. Generally, anything with more than two panes will be better. Most configurations come in double or triple configurations with an insulating gas sealed in-between the panes.

energy saving windowsAn additional coating or film on the window pane, for instance, a low emissivity coating and solar control tinting will make the window perform better during the hotter summer months.

Choosing energy efficient windows for the first time can be quite the handful. You can, however, never go wrong if you do your research or allow a professional window contractor to assist you.

How Windows Save Money on Energy Bills

By design, energy efficient windows save money on energy bills, but how much can windows really save? Here’s what you should know about how much money you could be saving with energy efficient replacement windows.

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There are a number of factors that can affect the amount of your savings. Putting a specific number on your unique situation is difficult without consultation with a window professional. The current condition of your windows will play a major role in the total savings you may see. If your current windows are severely out of date, the amount of savings is going to be significantly higher.

windows save money interiorYour current windows may be the cause of your high utility costs due to improper sealing, poor glass quality, repair needs, and natural deterioration.  Your savings will depend on the number and severity of these deficiencies. Regardless of the condition of your windows, replacement windows save money. In general, homeowners can see a reduction of utility costs ranging anywhere from 11 – 24%.

Windows Save Money

Replacement windows offer savings in some unexpected places. Think about this, now that you’ve installed new replacement windows, you likely have improved sealing as well.

windows save money home exterior

This increases your home’s efficiency and decreases the load on your HVAC system during peak usage times. What this means is your system will see less wear and tear during usage, reducing the number and frequency of repair and maintenance needs, costing you less money over time.

If you ever need to replace your heating and cooling system, your new energy efficient replacement windows will again, provide another unexpected saving opportunity. With a home that’s more energy efficient, it’s possible you may be able to install a smaller system, possibly saving you thousands.

windows save money UV shieldAdditional hidden savings from energy efficient replacement window installation includes furniture costs. Over the last few decades, innovative techniques have allowed the development of incredibly beneficial Low-E coatings for window glass. This coating significantly reduces the amount of UV rays allowed into the home by as much as 75%. These rays are responsible for the fading of furniture, carpeting, artwork, woods, fabrics and more.

Do Windows Save Money?

The bottom line is this – Replacement windows save money on energy bills. But, regardless of your unique situation, replacement window installation can save you more than just money in the long run!

Garden Window Installation

The garden window, in most cases, consists of four side glass panes. These panes extend out from a window opening similar to a bay window. These glass panes on either side, the top, and front allow for the most light to enter the room.

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Garden Window Features

Garden windows often have awnings, side openings, or front sliders. These make the perfect setting for plants and other decorations. Garden windows are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials such as vinyl, wood, or aluminum frames. Bring your favorite plants into the home while increasing curb appeal and your home value.

Why Choose a Garden Window?

Garden windows create a greenhouse type environment by bringing the outdoors inside and opening the visual area of the room. Not only is a garden window functional and energy efficient, but it also offers a unique look and feel to the interior.

garden window installation kitchenKitchens have become fashionable and the garden window has become a modern American kitchen feature.

This is owed to how they can improve air flow, light, and space in the kitchen.

Benefits of Garden Windows

A garden window complements any home. They bring in light and allow you to create your own green space. Coupled with a casement window you can greatly increase cross ventilation while enjoying the scenery.

Garden window installation viewA vented garden window is energy efficient and allows hot air out in the summer and the warmth in during winter. Overall this can reduce your yearly energy costs.

Because garden windows have a three-dimensional appearance, they add something special and unique to the look of your home. They are great for plants and display areas while also providing a wider view of the garden or yard.

Garden windows are perfect for new construction projects or even as a replacement window.

Egress Window Installation

The egress window is an emergency exit. Basements can be rather confined when it comes to space and usually only have one entry point. Due to this fact, it carries a hazardous environment classification.

egress window installation exit

Egress windows were designed to solve this problem as they open up as an emergency exit. They provide a ground level escape should a fire break out in areas of the home blocking the exits.

egress window install basement

Egress windows are required in specific areas of the home and, therefore, need to meet a specific size for health and safety requirements. Egress window costs vary and can be found online with some research.

If a room is used as a bedroom it is required to have an egress window no matter which floor it is on. A new home construction will require, by code, to have an egress window installed in each room, as part of the cost to install egress window as its seen as law.

Egress Window Requirements

To be classified as an egress window it will need a minimum clear opening of 5.7 square ft. This area covers the space when the actual window is open and not the glass or wall opening size.

egress window installation top view

Security grills are often installed on the outside. They must be able to open from the inside without the need for keys or tools.

Many homeowners assume a 20 by 24-inch window opening is acceptable, however, this dimension would only create a 3.3 square ft. opening.

The required 5.7 square ft. will need a 20 by 42-inch wide window or 24 by 34-inch wide.

Bay Window Installation

A bay window is described as a window constructed outwards from the wall, similar to a balcony. The name was conceived by the way it forms a bay inside the home.

Benefits of Bay Windows

It is common practice for a bay window to be installed with window seats in order to benefit from any near breathtaking views. Bay windows are available in sleek modern lines as well as antique and Victorian designs which have been popular since the 1870’s. This window style still holds much of its appeal to this day.

bay window installation

Because bay windows can greatly increase the flow of natural light in the home, they make rooms feel much larger. They also provide a perfect outside view which would not be possible with the more common flat wall style of window. In most cases, bay windows are fitted with double-hung or casement style window sashes for the best ventilation.

Bay Window Styles

bay window installation viewBay windows are usually between 3 to 6 feet in width and height. Common side angles include 90, 135, and 150 degrees. Most bay windows are polygonal or square. If it is curved it is known as a bow window. If the front is flat and the sides are curved it is known as a canted window. Bay windows supported by a bracket or corbel are known as an oriel window.

Bay windows are constructed from various materials. The chosen style’s maintenance and upkeep should be considered first before making a final choice on a bay window installation.

Moving in? How Are Your New Home Windows?

So, you have just begun moving in, but have you considered your new home windows? You may be happy with everything. The patina on the hardwood floor is exotic, the roof seems freshly renovated and the driveway is in great condition.

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You are happy and confident that your home will hold its own for a couple of years before you need to run any major repairs. But what about the windows? Have you considered their condition? How good are they? Do they need replacement?

Windows Are More Important Than You Think

Your home windows are that potentially weak link in the chain that is almost always ignored by most homeowners. Since they are not in your way at all times, the tendency to ignore them completely until they are falling apart is very common.

new home windows moistureApart from just letting in light and fresh air, windows also block excess moisture, UV rays, and rain from the entering your house. If the windows aren’t in a good condition, you will expose your interior to all these harsh elements. The results vary from surface discoloration to water damage and spending more cooling your house in summer.

When You Need New Home Windows

Some of the most obvious signs that you should replace the windows before settling into your new house include:

  • Ugly worn out windows that are not presentable or don’t go well with your new decor
  • Windows that are hard to open or close due to a jam or fault
  • High HVAC bills could be because the installed windows aren’t energy efficient
  • Old windows that make noise when operated

Windows are Both Aesthetic and Functional

The aesthetics part is all about choosing windows that look great with your current indoors and outdoor decor. This will give your home a complete look and feel that will not only add value to the property but also make it cozier.

new home windows viewFunctionality, on the other hand, refers to how well the windows do their job of protecting you from the elements. Windows with UV treatment will filter out UV rays while double pane windows are great at insulating your home and keeping the HVAC bills as low as possible.

Installation of New Home Windows

new home windows roomChoosing the right building contractor to handle your new window installation will save you a lot of pain. A good contractor will not only advise you on the best type of windows that will go well with your current decor but also take charge of the installation.

Choosing Replacement Windows?

Choosing the right replacement windows can sometimes be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! By understanding more about how replacement windows work, and what you want and need them to do for your home, choosing replacement windows is as easy as 1-2-3!

choosing replacement windows architecture styling

Be True to Your Home

No matter where you live, your home’s architectural design is unique. so it’s important to choose a replacement window that accentuates and compliments your home’s architecture. This will not only keep the architectural integrity of your home but will enhance the curb appeal and street presence. In addition, choosing the right replacement windows can increase the value of your home and prompt homebuyers to place higher offers if you ever decide to sell your home.

Form and Function

Choosing the right replacement windows means understanding the form and function you desire from your windows.

choosing replacement windows architectureWhether you are looking for clean and sleek lines or a plethora of textures and patterns, choosing replacement windows that work cohesively with the existing design style of your home is key.

You’ll need to decide which functions you need your windows to provide. Are you looking for a fixed window that will focus the attention on a picturesque view, or do you need them to be operable to allow for fresh air and ventilation?

Material Options

Choosing replacement windows materials compositeReplacement windows come in a variety of material options. Providing flexibility to match existing exterior design styles or create an entirely now look for your home.

Some of the most popular materials offer little to no maintenance. They mimic the look of more expensive and high-maintenance materials without sacrificing quality and performance.

Glass options should be chosen for your specific needs. Low-E glass will significantly reduce heat transfer if your home is exposed to significant sunlight. The amount of gas present between the panes of glass will determine the insulation factor of the replacement windows. Not by the number of window panes.

Choosing Replacement Windows for ROI

Choosing the right replacement windows, in essence, is imperative to protecting the investment you’ve made in your home. It’s important to consider everything from quality and style to performance, cost to replacement windows and warranty before you break out the checkbook. A well-made, properly chosen window will offer energy-efficiency, low maintenance, and beauty for your home for decades to come.

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Do My Existing Windows Need Replacement?

As a homeowner, it’s important to know when your existing windows need replacement in order to protect the overall performance and efficiency of your home.

windows need replacement rotten frameIn general, if your windows are less than 20 years old, and only one or two windows are experiencing problems, a general contractor may be able to perform simple repairs.

However, if there are multiple windows with issues or your existing windows are more than 20 years old – it might be time to consider replacement with trusted window replacement prices from top brands and manufacturers.

Signs of Damage to Wood Windows

If your existing windows are wood, it’s important to perform a thorough inspection twice or more each year. You want to look for damages caused by things like water, insects, and weathering. Rotting and damage to your wood windows create the potential for this damage to spread to other areas of your home. This can include water damage to surrounding sheetrock and the interior structure of your home.

Problematic Operation

windows need replacement new installationRegardless of composition, if your windows are not operating properly, it may be time for a replacement.

The problematic operation may be caused by a number of factors including:

  • Windows painted shut
  • Sashes and Frames swell from moisture
  • Seasonal humidity/temperature changes
  • Out of square and drafty

Regardless of the reasons for the problematic operation, however, if it’s widespread it may be time to replace your existing windows.

Advanced Age

Older windows are typically single-paned. This means it has a single thickness vs. double or triple paned glass. Replacing these existing, aging windows will offer increased energy efficiency for your home. Thus significantly reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Benefits when Windows Need Replacement

The benefits of replacing your existing windows are plenty. Homeowners can enjoy increased efficiency, reduction in interior noise pollution, simpler operation, and little to no maintenance. By replacing your existing, problematic windows with upgraded, modern models – you can have the flexibility to create a whole new look for your home’s curb appeal or match the existing decor.

windows need replacement installer

Replacing your existing windows, additionally, benefits the core value of your home. Deciding to place your home on the market? Replacement windows will prompt potential home buyers to submit a higher offer, therefore, giving you a greater return on your investment.

How Do I Know What Type of Window I Need?

Window replacement is not one of those home maintenance or improvement projects you do every other year. Consequently, very few homeowners know what to look for beyond just choosing a window that fits into the physical opening. While this forms the basis of window selection, knowing a couple of other features to look for will help you identify the right windows for your home quicker and easier.

type of window bay bow

Know Your Type of Window

type of window stackedDifferent window types have different aesthetic and psychological effects on your house. Bay or bow windows bulge outwards and are a great way to create a cozy focal point in your home. They let you get the illusion of more space by the way it juts out. Double hung windows, on the other hand, are versatile and easy to clean since both panes can tip inwards for faster cleaning as opposed to single hung designs.

If you want to save on space, you will consider slider windows. They save on space by sliding open and shut. Awning or casement windows will save on indoor space but you must have some space outside to accommodate the window when it swings out.

Think Energy Efficiency

With the type of window out of the way, you can begin thinking energy efficiency and how much UV light protection you will get from your new windows. Windows with a good rating will let you cut down on air conditioning bills since they will keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Combine this with the fact that you won’t need your shutters up all the time. You get windows that look great and you won’t be shy to show off.

Impact Resistance

Since you wouldn’t want to replace your windows very often, you would have done yourself some justice by buying impact resistant windows.

type of window impact resistant

This doesn’t mean that the windows will shrug off a baseball bat hit but they will be strong enough to absorb a stray football or slight bumps.

In the case of the window breaking, it won’t shatter and splinter creating a huge mess or potential hazard. Cleaning up will also be easier.

Once you have identified the type of window you want for your home, it would be time to shop around looking for the best prices, window replacement brands and window warranties. A warranty on insulated glass windows could save you a fortune in case of common problems like fogging and other minor replacements along the way. For more comprehensive window cost guide can be found at