Sliding Window Installation

A sliding window is practical and affordable. Also known as horizontal windows, they are perfect for any building or home improvement project. Similar to a double hung window except that they slide open horizontally instead of vertically. Perfect for home and commercial, sliding windows have fewer moving parts and require minimal maintenance.

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Sliding Window Benefits

sliding window installationOne of the many benefits of sliding windows is that they require no springs or pulleys to operate. Only the window slider occasionally needs lubrication which makes it a very low maintenance window.

Sliding windows are user-friendly, simply release the latch and slide it open. Closing is just as easy and will automatically latch in place once the window is sealed shut.

Sliding windows can be fitted with a wide range of glazing, safety glass, Low-E glass, and double glazings. Flyscreens are easily fitted if you want to keep bugs out.

sliding window installation kitchenInstalling a sliding window with Low-E glass or double glazing can significantly improve energy efficiency by reducing your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

Todays sliding windows are cheaper, economical, and cost-effective when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Once you install a sliding window, repairs become a thing of the past.

Garden Window Installation

The garden window, in most cases, consists of four side glass panes. These panes extend out from a window opening similar to a bay window. These glass panes on either side, the top, and front allow for the most light to enter the room.

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Garden Window Features

Garden windows often have awnings, side openings, or front sliders. These make the perfect setting for plants and other decorations. Garden windows are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials such as vinyl, wood, or aluminum frames. Bring your favorite plants into the home while increasing curb appeal and your home value.

Why Choose a Garden Window?

Garden windows create a greenhouse type environment by bringing the outdoors inside and opening the visual area of the room. Not only is a garden window functional and energy efficient, but it also offers a unique look and feel to the interior.

garden window installation kitchenKitchens have become fashionable and the garden window has become a modern American kitchen feature.

This is owed to how they can improve air flow, light, and space in the kitchen.

Benefits of Garden Windows

A garden window complements any home. They bring in light and allow you to create your own green space. Coupled with a casement window you can greatly increase cross ventilation while enjoying the scenery.

Garden window installation viewA vented garden window is energy efficient and allows hot air out in the summer and the warmth in during winter. Overall this can reduce your yearly energy costs.

Because garden windows have a three-dimensional appearance, they add something special and unique to the look of your home. They are great for plants and display areas while also providing a wider view of the garden or yard.

Garden windows are perfect for new construction projects or even as a replacement window.

Egress Window Installation

The egress window is an emergency exit. Basements can be rather confined when it comes to space and usually only have one entry point. Due to this fact, it carries a hazardous environment classification.

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Egress windows were designed to solve this problem as they open up as an emergency exit. They provide a ground level escape should a fire break out in areas of the home blocking the exits.

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Egress windows are required in specific areas of the home and, therefore, need to meet a specific size for health and safety requirements. Egress window costs vary and can be found online with some research.

If a room is used as a bedroom it is required to have an egress window no matter which floor it is on. A new home construction will require, by code, to have an egress window installed in each room, as part of the cost to install egress window as its seen as law.

Egress Window Requirements

To be classified as an egress window it will need a minimum clear opening of 5.7 square ft. This area covers the space when the actual window is open and not the glass or wall opening size.

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Security grills are often installed on the outside. They must be able to open from the inside without the need for keys or tools.

Many homeowners assume a 20 by 24-inch window opening is acceptable, however, this dimension would only create a 3.3 square ft. opening.

The required 5.7 square ft. will need a 20 by 42-inch wide window or 24 by 34-inch wide.

Bay Window Installation

A bay window is described as a window constructed outwards from the wall, similar to a balcony. The name was conceived by the way it forms a bay inside the home.

Benefits of Bay Windows

It is common practice for a bay window to be installed with window seats in order to benefit from any near breathtaking views.¬†Bay windows are available in sleek modern lines as well as antique and Victorian designs which have been popular since the 1870’s. This window style still holds much of its appeal to this day.

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Because bay windows can greatly increase the flow of natural light in the home, they make rooms feel much larger. They also provide a perfect outside view which would not be possible with the more common flat wall style of window. In most cases, bay windows are fitted with double-hung or casement style window sashes for the best ventilation.

Bay Window Styles

bay window installation viewBay windows are usually between 3 to 6 feet in width and height. Common side angles include 90, 135, and 150 degrees. Most bay windows are polygonal or square. If it is curved it is known as a bow window. If the front is flat and the sides are curved it is known as a canted window. Bay windows supported by a bracket or corbel are known as an oriel window.

Bay windows are constructed from various materials. The chosen style’s maintenance¬†and upkeep should be considered first before making a final choice on a bay window installation.