Moving in? How Are Your New Home Windows?

So, you have just begun moving in, but have you considered your new home windows? You may be happy with everything. The patina on the hardwood floor is exotic, the roof seems freshly renovated and the driveway is in great condition.

New home windows front header

You are happy and confident that your home will hold its own for a couple of years before you need to run any major repairs. But what about the windows? Have you considered their condition? How good are they? Do they need replacement?

Windows Are More Important Than You Think

Your home windows are that potentially weak link in the chain that is almost always ignored by most homeowners. Since they are not in your way at all times, the tendency to ignore them completely until they are falling apart is very common.

new home windows moistureApart from just letting in light and fresh air, windows also block excess moisture, UV rays, and rain from the entering your house. If the windows aren’t in a good condition, you will expose your interior to all these harsh elements. The results vary from surface discoloration to water damage and spending more cooling your house in summer.

When You Need New Home Windows

Some of the most obvious signs that you should replace the windows before settling into your new house include:

  • Ugly worn out windows that are not presentable or don’t go well with your new decor
  • Windows that are hard to open or close due to a jam or fault
  • High HVAC bills could be because the installed windows aren’t energy efficient
  • Old windows that make noise when operated

Windows are Both Aesthetic and Functional

The aesthetics part is all about choosing windows that look great with your current indoors and outdoor decor. This will give your home a complete look and feel that will not only add value to the property but also make it cozier.

new home windows viewFunctionality, on the other hand, refers to how well the windows do their job of protecting you from the elements. Windows with UV treatment will filter out UV rays while double pane windows are great at insulating your home and keeping the HVAC bills as low as possible.

Installation of New Home Windows

new home windows roomChoosing the right building contractor to handle your new window installation will save you a lot of pain. A good contractor will not only advise you on the best type of windows that will go well with your current decor but also take charge of the installation.